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HealthAide is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex home care application process. Our dedicated staff is able to guide the medicaid consumer through the entire home care process, including; Medicaid applications, pooled income trusts, Managed Long Term Care plans, and Licensed Home Care Servicing Agencies.

How We can Change Your Life

HEALTH AIDE INC. “CDPAP” is a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, a viable alternative to conventional home care services, promotes consumer independence.

The program enables self-directed consumers and/or advocates to recruit, interview, hire, train, schedule, supervise and dismiss Personal Assistant(s) of their choice. Self-directed consumers and/or advocates assess needs, determine how and by whom these needs should be met, and monitor the quality of services received. Individuals independently make all decisions and manage services directly.

Discover power of choice with our simple 3-step process:

  • Explore your options.

We ask your Medicaid Managed Care provider about your home care eligibility and the number of paid care hours you’re entitled to on a weekly basis. This helps cut out hundreds of wait hours so you get the help you deserve—quickly.

  • Choose your Managed Long Term Care plan

You select your Managed Long Term Care plan (MLTCp). If needed, we help you choose a plan that caters to your needs. We guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

  • Select a Home Care Agency

Once you’ve enrolled into a Managed Long Term Care plan, HealthAide helps you choose the Licensed Home Care Servicing Agency that is best suited for you. We work with many multilingual agencies in all 5 NYC boroughs

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  • Buen Cuidado
    Buen Cuidado
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    Dima Mo

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