What is CDPAP

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program


HEALTH AIDE INC. “CDPAP” is a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, a self-directing program that promotes consumer independence.

The program enables self-directed consumers enrolled in a qualifying New York Managed Medicaid Plan  to recruit, interview, hire, train, schedule, supervise and dismiss Personal Assistant(s) of their choice. Self-directed consumers and/or advocates assess needs, determine how and by whom these needs should be met, and monitor the quality of services received. Individuals independently make all decisions and manage services directly.

Who can you be your caregiver?




Designated representative

Legal Spouse

Parent caring for a child under 21


To participate in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, the consumer must be:
  •  Eligible for Medicaid.
  •  Self-Directing or has an advocate willing to make decisions about the services being provided.
  •  Eligible for long-term care.


The program enables independence and consumer empowerment by gaining more control over their personal care needs. A consumer can:
  •  Independently or with the assistance of an advocate, recruit, interview, train, schedule, supervise and dismiss the Personal Assistant(s) of their choice.
  •  Hire as many Personal Assistants as may be deemed necessary to satisfy the consumer’s needs, and as authorized by the Service Provider.
  •  Develop a direct working relationship with the Personal Assistant.


With what tasks do you need assistance from a personal assistant? It may be helpful to break down your daily living needs, and include these tasks in a written job description. Examples of tasks include: dressing, undressing, shaving, bathing, bowel care, cleansing after toileting, communication assistance, telephone assistance, writing or typing, brushing teeth, grooming, skin care, hair care, medications, cooking, laundry, mobility, transferring, trimming nails, transportation, turning at night, shopping or errands, use of assistive devices, cleaning equipment.

Assess when you need the most assistance, and approximately how long each task will take. It is also helpful to include the qualifications/skills you would like your assistant to have, and any equipment you use. You may only need assistance at certain times of the day, or you may need an assistant for a block of time each day.

If you receive your services through a state assistance program, there may be restrictions placed on what your assistant can and cannot perform. Check to see if the state program you are on covers tasks that may be delegated by a registered nurse to a personal assistant.

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